BruTile on the Microsoft Surface

Last month I had the fortune to work on one of the first Surfaces shipped to Europe. To test the Surface SDK we wrote a basic map application with pan an zoom through touch.

Using the Surface SDK’s ScatterView control it was very easy to get some touch controlled objects on the app, like a layer control. For panning and zooming we had to do a little bit more work, since we are not moving the map control itself but need to redraw the content instead. For this purpose the SDK provides the ManipulationProcessor. It is a little bit more coding but the documentation explains nicely how to do it. To top it off we added a little throw effect using the InertiaProcessor.
Our first meeting with the Surface was very enjoyable. The SDK met all our needs so far. Here is a little movie colleagues Steven and Martijn made of our first app.
BruTile on the Microsoft Surface

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  1. I’ve been working with a couple of mapping solutions for Surface: MapDotNet and VirtualEarth vis MapPoint. I would like to try out your API. Do you plan to make the Surface specific code available? I would love to try it out and hopefully contribute back some code or bug fixes or whatever.Thanks,Richard


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